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Getting in shape isn't about punishment. It is about creating the best possible version of you. At Kingdom Fit we transform you from the inside out. We set standards high for clientele; get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The benefits of fitness are not only about the physical aspect but the mental and emotional strengths you find within yourself to push past your ideals of comfort







If you are looking for a judgement free gym where the focus is only on you becoming the best version of yourself, Kingdom is the place for you. Open Monday - Saturday, register online to choose the best package for you/your family. 

Never Forget - You Got This.

Come down and experience a class focused on full body cardiovascular training. Consisting of 10-12 exercises that last 25-40 seconds this class will have you burning an exponential amount of calories in just 45 minutes. Perfect for beginners or those just trying to get a quick workout in on their Saturday morning!

This class is perfect if you are trying to develop your strength or just simply feel empowered again. Each week we focus on the development of certain muscle groups. The class size for this group is limited as FORM is most important.

Darcey and Kingdom Fit saved my life. I have been overweight most of my life. I had never been able to make long term changes with my weight before. I have tried every diet out there! When I finally got to 303lbs I knew I had to make a real change or I was going to get diabetes or Heart Disease. I saw an article in New Press about Darcey opening Kingdom Fit and I knew this was the answer. I needed the real accountability! I signed up and haven't looked back. Darcey has helped me change the way I think about food, exercise and that it is not all about the scale but the changes in your mindset! I'm down 50lbs now and I feel great! For the first time in my life I know I've made changes that I will take with me for the rest of my life! If you are questioning whether you should join Kingdom, take the leap. Join. You won't regret it.

Heidi Cannon