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Getting in shape isn't about punishment. It is about creating the best possible version of you. At Kingdom Fit we transform you from the inside out. We set standards high for clientele; get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The benefits of fitness are not only about the physical aspect but the mental and emotional strengths you find within yourself to push past your ideals of comfort





If you are looking for a judgement free gym where the focus is only on you becoming the best version of yourself, Kingdom is the place for you. Open Monday - Saturday, register online to choose the best package for you/your family. We offer monthly membership programs with workout videos attached to each individual exercise. If you are advanced or beginner you can make these workouts work for you! You are capable of becoming your best self. 

Come down and experience a class full of like minded individuals all working toward the same goal of living a healthier lifestyle.  You will burn an exponential amount of calories all while building strong relationships! Perfect for beginners or those just trying to get a quick workout in or people looking for some consistency in their regimen. Overcome excuses - take time to work on you!

If you are looking to create life long change our personal training is built on the foundation of helping people become the best versions of themself from the inside, out. We work one on one with you twice a week to help hold you accountable, develop a consistent routine & learn how easy living a healthy lifestyle can truly be. You can and will become unstoppable when you invest in to the growth of the habits needed to be your best self!

In June of 2022 I lost my mom, my youngest was married a week later and two days following the wedding, I fell after passing out (I was dehydrated) and broke some lumbar in my spine. This required a 6 hour surgery to insert a rod and 4 screws.  Besides a week in the hospital, I also recuperated at "Living Community” for a week of therapy. During this time, I suffered from depression, grief and separation from not only my mother, but my daughter and my husband (since I was now living at Living Community). I was in a bad place. I’m happy to say through prayer, God, family (that includes my church family too) and the discovery of Darcey Emmanuel - my entire being is in a much better place.
Darcey took me on as a client 7 months after all of this occurred.  She was exactly what I needed to pull myself up out of the funk I had experienced. The exercises were designed to strengthen my core which in turn helped improve my back. The suggested weekly menus got me back on track of a healthier lifestyle. But, the thing that helped me the most was knowing Darcey was there for me to talk to and share all the things we had in common even if I was old enough to be her mom! We have laughed, we have cried and we have prayed. I feel like I’m the old “me.” The extra benefit of losing weight and getting fit is nice too!
I can’t say enough great things about Darcey.  She’s one of a kind.

- Cindy Crouse


520 Francis St., Suite 100A, St. Joseph, MO 64501, USA

(660) 973-5474

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