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Darcey Emmanuel 







Darcey Emmanuel

A Bit About Me

My name is Darcey Emmanuel - owner here at Kingdom. I have worked in the health & wellness industry for over 7 years now. Throughout this time I have worked with many different styles of clientele & became certified in many specialty styles of training. 

In the last year I have gotten the opportunity to work side by side with over 100+ clients within the 1P App. Our mission here at Kingdom has always been to help as many real people as we can learn how to live healthier lifestyle from the inside, out. This app has created result based training with clients unlike we have ever been able to do before. We can work with clients from anywhere by re-creating the actions that they are taking on a daily basis. Every journey is unique in its own way. I pray that in finding Kingdom that you will find someone on are team that closely aligns with what you want out of your journey! #yougotthis

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